About Us


A small, highly dedicated group of bright, articulate and motivated people can make a difference, no matter what the challenge. That is why we use 1776 as the hallmark of our practice. We are dedicated and committed to making a difference for our clients and simultaneously for our community and our country.

Alexander, Hawes & Audet, LLP, is nationally recognized by Martindale-Hubbell for the highest legal ability and adherence to ethical values, the List of Preeminent Law Firms in the United States and by the International Society of Primerus Law Firms. The firm, based in San Jose, California with affiliated offices in San Francisco and New York, has concentrated its practice on the prosecution of complex cases representing individuals, owners of small businesses, government entities, and institutional shareholders in product liability, toxic chemical, negligence, mass tort, consumer, construction defect, investment fraud, securities, insider trading, antitrust, environmental and employment litigation against corporate wrong-doers.


We only agree to represent clients for whom we can make a difference and with whom we share a common commitment to a common cause. It is the reason why we are known for our enthusiasm and driving effort to obtain a just result.

When we agree to become your attorneys we work on a contingency fee basis. We do not expect to be paid unless we are successful and under a written agreement we promise to bear the cost of preparing a case for trial. As long as our clients follow our advice, if there is no recovery, there are no charges: no fees and no costs.

If we are successful in a class action case, we petition the court for our fees to be paid as a percentage of a common fund or to order the wrongdoer to pay our fees. We view our relationship as a special responsibility and a partnership with our clients. As in any partnership we require that our clients work closely with us to assure shared and informed decision-making.


Decades of experience in challenging litigation bring to Alexander, Hawes & Audet an enviable infrastructure of staff, researchers, and experts who play a crucial role in preparing winning cases.

The firm’s tight focus on difficult, complex cases for individuals and small businesses in negligence, toxic chemical, defective product, mass accident, environmental and fraud cases provides a professional environment for these individuals to excel in developing leading-edge evidentiary techniques. This makes for second-to-none “tactical support”–an invaluable asset for any client.

All these things allow you to be confident that the firm will represent you in the most professional, exhaustive, and resolute manner.


Giving a law client a 110% effort means not skimping on evidentiary resources. An example? When a BMW needed to be purchased and crashed to prove a point–we didn’t hesitate. In fact, we crashed two. Whether it’s a computer simulation of a toxic cloud, a microscopic inspection of airborne asbestos, high speed photography of a gas tank failure, or complex programming to prove damages for homeowners living on defective foundations, we throw the full weight of audio, visual and sensory elements at making a case. Mastering these and other sophisticated technologies has become an essential tool in our practice.

Doing these kinds of things takes money–quite often, lots of it. We bear all costs in preparing a case. It’s another investment we take very seriously. When faced with serious damages and institutions looking to protect their financial interests, our clients regard this financial capacity quite literally as the opened door to justice.


Because we limit our practice we are able to focus our resources and skills to act quickly, forcefully and effectively. When a client is accepted, momentum is immediate. Years of representing clients with challenging cases has taught us the value of keeping cases moving. We know and understand that our opponents are afraid of the courtroom, where the public will learn the truth, so we push to bring our client’s cases to trial, while striving to create imaginative solutions that are in our client’s interest. Nothing brings about a defendant’s willingness to act reasonably more quickly than 12 jurors ready to hear all the evidence we have mustered.


We believe the difference between getting an expedient settlement and a just award often comes down to an attorney’s innate determination, spirit and commitment. Settling too low can stem from lack of preparation or a lack of will. Getting justice demands both solid case preparation and the will to insist on a fair result. Many claim that they can deliver. We prefer facts and on these pages we open our record for your inspection.

We have a strong record of success confronting wrongdoers who have taken from our clients their property and have injured their well-being. Not the type of tyrant and oppressor fought two centuries ago on village greens with muskets, but modern day Redcoats who can be equally arrogant in their efforts to avoid responsibility for the damage they have caused. We meet them in the courtroom and we fight with facts before juries of citizens that we trust to follow the law and to separate fact from fiction. Some say that our success is due to a “tough” attitude . We call it having a passion for justice and fairness. It’s why we have chosen 1776 to identify our practice.